Private therapy and/or Evaluations can be provided in your home or in our State of the Art Clinic. Every child and family presents with a unique set of needs / circumstances. We make every attempt to accommodate a family’s busy schedule and their preferred location for service.


We offer standardized comprehensive OT, PT, Speech/Language and Feeding evaluations. An evaluation determines a child’s strengths, areas to address in therapy, can demonstrate measurable progress over time and provides you with a greater understanding of your child. A full evaluation is also recommended if a parent wants to present findings to their local school district. The standardized testing used depends on your child’s age and functional ability.  We take pride in our holistic evaluations and ensure a parent’s understanding by reviewing our findings with you.

Some parents choose to get started with therapy rather than have a comprehensive evaluation first.  We give parents this option as some children have already had evaluations or their parents are anxious to begin services. If this is the case your child’s skills can be assessed during his/her first few treatment sessions.  Some baseline testing can be performed during therapy.


Our State Of The Art Clinic

Our State of the Art clinic has oodles of therapeutic equipment that children find highly motivating which are not available in the home setting. In addition, our clinic service is outside of the child’s usual routine and as a result, many children benefit from not being in familiar surroundings. The control is given over to the therapist and the novelty of the toys can help a child better tolerate structure and focus.

Our primary goal is to work in partnership with you, the parent. A parent knows their child best and your priorities in treatment planning are of the utmost importance. An explanation of progress and better understanding of a child’s strengths and difficulties is provided at the end of each session.

A prescription is required from your child’s doctor prior to beginning Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy services. Speech/Language Therapy does not require a prescription as indicated by the NYS Department of Education. (See the FAQ’s about Private Therapy).

At Home Services

Parents find therapy services in their home to be highly convenient as many activities compete for your limited time. Home can provide insight into the child’s daily functioning that can not easily be gotten in any other way. Services at home can also assist the family in identifying real life scenarios that can make each day a little easier for all involved. At home, equipment, home programs and daily routines can be more easily identified and utilized. Suggestions can be provided that actually fit into the space and life of the family.

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